Diana Kahn

Diana Ortega Kahn is the creator of Enhancing Lives 413. Through her website she inspires the community by sharing her life experiences and transformational occurrences acquired by applying the principles of A Course In Miracles. She coaches and teaches these principles to her clients along with energy healing techniques and antahkarana healing symbols. She shares astrological and numerological information, and meditations. She assist her community in recognizing the damaging effects of the ego, and how to reconnect with their Divine power.

My purpose is to share with you the variety of options, available to us all, that can be used to enhance and empower our beings. My intention is to assist you, through my services and awareness of Ego verses Spiritual Energy, in transforming your life by releasing your fears, limitations and honoring who you really are. Upon transcending, you will connect with your higher purpose, the Universe, and God which honors you with Love, Peace, and Abundance.

Services: Reiki, Akashic Records Consultations