Meet Our Family

We pride ourselves on having a strong and supportive staff at our shop. From our readers to our sales team, we have a passion for helping our clients in the best way possible. We aren’t just co workers at Esmeraldas, we are family! 


MJ & Ozzie Gonzalez

Mj and Ozzie are the owners of Esmeralda’s.

Runic Reader and Retail

Benji Moreno

Benji Moreno offers Runic Oracle guidance to address key life points and assist with self healing, life path reflection, pattern assessments along with uncovering unconscious cycles. Runes will offer an opportunity to grow emotionally and intuitively, helping everyone to move blissfully and confidently through difficult times.

He focuses on the Elder Futhark Runic alphabet which was used by Northwest Germanic Tribes as early as the 1st century BC. The ancient symbols unlock various spaces within our own mind, allowing its user to peer into the unconscious, unlocking the Web of Wyrd itself. Through carefully study, the meaning behind the occurrences of these symbols in our active lives becomes a source to the Greater Guidance behind our life experience.

Benji also works hard in our shop to help our clients find the perfect purchases.

Services: Runic Oracle Guidance

Assistant Manager

Rainee Davis

Rainee has been running the retail side of our shop since we opened. She was a mighty force in making our opening run so smoothly as well as helping us transition over from the previous owner. Rainee leads our Crystal Connection classes and is always around to assist our clients with any purchases or booking appointments. It is also her handy work that gets our newsletters out to our clients each month.

She holds her level 2 reiki certification and has abundant knowledge with crystals, tarot and essential oils.

Certified Reiki Master and Healer & Akashic Record Consultant

Diana Kahn

Diana Ortega Kahn is the creator of Enhancing Lives 413. Through her website she inspires the community by sharing her life experiences and transformational occurrences acquired by applying the principles of A Course In Miracles. She coaches and teaches these principles to her clients along with energy healing techniques and antahkarana healing symbols. She shares astrological and numerological information, and meditations. She assist her community in recognizing the damaging effects of the ego, and how to reconnect with their Divine power.

My purpose is to share with you the variety of options, available to us all, that can be used to enhance and empower our beings. My intention is to assist you, through my services and awareness of Ego verses Spiritual Energy, in transforming your life by releasing your fears, limitations and honoring who you really are. Upon transcending, you will connect with your higher purpose, the Universe, and God which honors you with Love, Peace, and Abundance.

Services: Reiki, Akashic Records Consultations
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