What Religion are you?


Where do we fit in?  Why were we imprinted and steered towards a certain religion?  Which religion should you follow?  How do you decide which religion is best for you?

These are all good questions and questions that only you can answer.  There is no right or wrong religion.  There is only a religion that makes you feel good and one that you most resonate with.  Choose a religion that makes your heart warm and your soul desire only pure white light and peacefulness.

Most religions follow the path of “do good and good will return to you.”  Treat others with grace and kindness and it will return to you two folds.  We have plenty of seasoned light workers, practicing different religions, who can point you in the right direction that makes the most sense to you.  Just ask us!  If we can’t answer questions, you may be surprised that the path of direction for you to follow will be pointed to you.


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